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True Colors


There is a new hidden camera show called “True Colors” and it takes a look at how normal citizens handle situations involving race.

The situations shown so far are

  1. A Doctor that is a member of the KKK
  2. A kiosk owner telling a worker to “watch the blacks”
  3. And our all time favorite, a black man telling his girlfriend that white women are more attractive than black women.

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Zach Braff “Scrubs” out, but Scrubs MAY live on.


The season/series finale of “Scrubs” aired last night. The general consensus was the possible series finale was really good, but the fans are sad to see it go. As a back up, the writers came up with the idea to have a new breed of interns at Sacred Heart hospital, just in case ABC decides to continue the take a look at some of the possible second round of interns, continue reading.
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