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Chicago Teen beat to death

Derrion Albert, 16, was beaten to death last week. His death was captured on video.
I remember being an honor student. Life was hard enough moving every year. By the 5th grade I had the honor of attending 5 schools and having one name change.
In the 5th grade I attended a predominantly black public neighborhood school after going to a predominantly spanish christian school, multi-cultural catholic school, predominately white suburban school…and I can honestly say that I felt more alienated in the 5th grade.

So this story truly breaks my heart.
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What Most People Overlook With ‘The Black Lives Matter’ Movement And The ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Movement

There are two different issues here…the culture of the police force and the individual. The overall culture of the force is what created the blue shield label. They stand united in everything even when the cop in question is wrong. Which brings us to the individual…the individual good cops may NOT create the issues having us talking which seems like every other day about race relations, however they adhere to the blue shield standard under which they do not speak up. They either won’t or can’ in turn they are guilty by association.There is a reason why they call it a blue shield…

So while people often respond by saying “not all cops”; they conveniently ignore the police culture.

A black man walking down the street is automatically in question in manner or another. You see so many people attacking how black men dress; as if that is any indication of what they are capable of.

If you go online and search Don Lemon you can see he stating he knows he must be polite when dealing with the police.

There are so many different layers to his statement.

  1. It shows black people are pressured to stay silent and not question why they are even in a situation. Proper procedure if for police to notify the person they pull over, search, or even question why they are doing so. Alton Sterling and Sandra Bland both found out they did not have the right afforded to most Americans and paid with their lives.
  2. It assumes these deaths are only happening because the people involved are standoffish. Philando Castile was in his vehicle with his girlfriend and a 4 year old child reaching for his license as instructed and was shot. This family did not have the luxury of walking away from a traffic stop unscathed even while complying.

You see, it is assumed that since someone is black they have an attitude problem and want to get into an altercation with police. If the general public assumes that; what do you think the police are doing? 

The Disrespect of President Obama Explained

People are angry, this is the best time to divide a country. Hitler exploited the Germans during a time when moral was low in their country. He spread his ill conceived hatred to a point where a war was fought in order to stop the rage spreading like wildfire. His personal agenda was carried out in the name God. Personal beliefs can get a number of people in trouble.
Sadly, there is now a belief that it is alright and acceptable to pray for the death of our President and to heckle him during a public address…this is why.
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