Eight weeks later..

I have no been the most vocal of parents as of late, due to the major progress in our “hurry up an wait” situation. Currently, my son is in the process of a six to eight week evaluation in the Intermediate Unit of our school district. A slew of road blocks has been placed in front of us over the three years I have fought for the proper educational programing for my son dealing with “Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder”. Our school district did not have a speech therapist for a number of months, they attempted to make me believe that their “lets down play the severity of his disability” approach was a suitable educational program, and last but not least the Special Education Supervisor attempted to have me believe her explanation of them “not being required to” provide such a program for my son…and the school district funds could not cover such a program because “the schools do not receive tax money” from the properties in the area.
I fought through the many road blocks and eventually obtained a lawyer…and still that was the argument they attempted to go with. Not required to…not prepared for…and not caring about providing the services my son desperately needed.
Thanks to my persistence, I did slide an evaluation to the Intermediate Unit of the school district and they expressed interest in at least evaluating my son. The School District’s Special Education Supervisor was not happy about my method…but it worked. My son is now being evaluated and the evaluation period ends in two weeks.
Next week we have our meeting to discuss the next step in my son’s educational programming.
I am a nervous wreck.
I have an awesome lawyer, a wonderful son, and a fighting spirit…yet my son’s life is in the hands of a school district that simply wants to keep the additional funding they receive teaching a child with an IEP….and an Intermediate Unit that is contracted by the same school district.

I will keep you posted on how the meeting goes…

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