You would really think I made these stories up.

With all of the juggling I have to do in order to make sure my son is receiving the proper education and medical care required due to his disability, you would think I would not have to deal with additional financial/time burdens placed upon us by his father. Sadly, this is not the case. Every year, around my birthday I end up having to reflect upon my life, got to work, and deal with child support court. Before the negative stereo-types of “baby momma”, “gold digger”, and “bey-bey kids” pops into your heads I will say this. I understand that I made the mistake of permanently attaching myself to someone I really should not have, but I have been taking care of my child with the help of a friends and family. When I need to do something that will assist placing me on the career path I want to be on (school, marketing etc.) and the time is outside of normal day care hours, I can rely on a hand full of people. My son’s father is not one of them. I have come to accept that and moved on. I have provided a house and transportation for my son, in spite of the odds(and the people) against us. I have an awesome boy that loves his mother. I wanted to provide the typical family for child (a 2 parent home). Unfortunately, things did not work out that way (when I say “things” I mean people and I will leave it at that). This brings us to today and this post…and how the devil was in child support court. My son’s father requested a decrease in the already minimal child support he is sorta currently paying. I did not worry about the hearing, simply because I know I was entitled to an increase well over a year ago and never filed the paper work. When you have so much on your plate, the last thing you want to do is force a man to be a man. child_support and love Recently we held hearing (via telephone for me due to his violent past and my inability to get off work), to determine if the current order required modification. The hearing officer not only told my son’s father that the order should not decrease, she notified him that the should is less than it should be. My son’s father requested to go in front of a judge…and then called the hearing officer “the devil”. I never thought I would have to place this in writing ever in life but…


Dear baby daddies, When trying to receive a decrease in your child support, do NOT call the

hearing officer “the devil” and then request to speak to a judge…

2 thoughts on “You would really think I made these stories up.

  1. When are we going to see posters like of with the pictures of mothers denying the fathers access, which takes place 5X more often.

    According to the US Dept. of Health & Human Services study, “Survey of Absent Parents” over 60% of mothers regularly violate the access rights of fathers, cutting off all contact between the children and their fathers within five years. Unlike child support, mothers are not jailed, even with multiple Contempt of Court ruling against them for violating the fathers’ court ordered visitation rights.

  2. The reason why you never see posters up about that issue, is because fathers actually have the right to file for more than visitation if the mothers violate the order. Fathers tend to not want to deal with the hassle of fighting for that right so things never change.

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