Obama graces the cover of “The New Yorker”

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Obama and Michelle are shown as fist bumping muslim terrorists

Sadly, he is not portrayed in the best light 


My question is, are we going to far. This obviously addresses the Fox News issue.

The cover may be offensive if you do not know the back story behind it. We know Michelle is called angry by the Republicans.

Obama has been accused of being a terrorist and a Muslim.

There was even a video clip of a little white girl saying she was afraid that Obama may enslave her.

Maybe the cover should have a summary detailing these situations on it.

Maybe we should treat Obama like a religious figure is treated over seas and not allow any type of satire done at

his expense. With so many images already disturbing…do we really need to add more?


Are we losing touch with the real issues at hand by grabbing onto media hype?


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