One week ago today…McCain thought he had the answer

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Now it looks like he simply has mo money, mo problems. Just bouncing back from not knowing how many houses he owns, he decides to try and trump the Obama force. Now he is really looking at his advisors and probably thinking about offing all of them. Palin has an unwed teenage daughter that’s pregnant. If your campaign is based off of morals then this slight bump in the road will actually become a crater. Palin was too busy trying to attack her ex-husband to pay attention to what was going on in her own home. I guess Hilary supporters will relate to that situation. Shrug.
McCain also wanted to play to our fears of Obama’s lack of experience and then picks someone who only has experience dealing with the part of the United States that’s often excluded in any contest that US residents can enter…the part of the United States that our kids don’t remember to draw when they are drawing the United States.. yes… life was so much easier a week ago. I wonder if this added stress will shorten his already short remaining time on earth…

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