Palin’s speech and Obama response to “Prophet Palin”

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I think the United States collectively slapped their heads during the speech. This is a time where the words “she speaks so well” can fit. No substance…just fluff!

This speech did help someone though…

Palin Good for the Democrats, Too

Turns out Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s speech did not just electrify the Republican faithful inside the Xcel Energy Center Wednesday night.

Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is reporting that it has taken in $8 million over the Internet since Mrs. Palin’s speech, in which she tore into Mr. Obama.

By Thursday afternoon, more than 130,000 donors had kicked in, and the Obama campaign is on pace to collect $10 million by the time Senator John McCain takes the stage tonight.

Remember, the McCain campaign said it took in $10 million by mail and Internet right after Mrs. Palin made her debut as Mr. McCain’s running-mate last Friday.

Hoping to continue the momentum and “livin’ on a prayer,” Mr. Obama will be collecting cash at Jon Bon Jovi’s home on Friday in an exclusive dinner where the entrance fee is $30,800 a person.

Although she had a large audience according to the New York Times

Governor Palin swept in 37,244,000 viewers on Wednesday night, according to Nielsen — about 13 million more than watched her Democratic counterpart, Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., last Wednesday night when he accepted the Democrats’ vice-presidential nomination and, most astonishingly, just a million shy of Senator Barack Obama’s record 38.4 million last Thursday at Invesco Field in Denver.

But hopefully they all saw what Obama saw..

This has literally become an election of popularity, God help us all. Oh wait this is God’s war because God is not love…he is war!
Yay us!

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