Prison Break Season One

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I am a newbie to this show. I have no idea what I was doing with my life during this time; however I felt I needed to watch since the new season is in production. Enjoy my odd commentary..

Q May 22, 20163:17 pm

oh..they came across a little girl..can’t end well

Q May 22, 20163:16 pm

Image result for William Fichtner

Less creepy jeff goldblum
Q May 22, 20163:13 pm

Less creepy jeff goldblum joins the cats…where did Paul Adelstein go?

Q May 22, 20163:11 pm

Season 2: More drama…handless guy fro heroes shoud have died by now by loss of blood..nope.

Q May 22, 20162:52 pm


Q May 22, 20162:52 pm

oh so that’s how the first season ended? umm talk about cliffhanger

Q May 22, 20162:46 pm

So they just kill the president? ok…cool..

Q May 22, 20162:41 pm

Oh…they just gonna cut off hands? oh, ok

Q May 22, 20162:33 pm

Random: why was it easier fr me to get through the first half of the season than it is the last 3 episodes?

Q May 22, 20162:32 pm

BRB imma pee…you love me though

Q May 22, 20162:29 pm

soon as I hit submit I saw a gun. gonna pause

Q May 22, 20162:29 pm

If I go to the bathroom will I miss something?

Q May 22, 20162:27 pm

I feel like the newbies when got had their premiers and the book readers knew more..

Q May 22, 20162:26 pm

Vanilla Ice just got ICED

Q May 22, 20162:25 pm

They got stuck in the mud…everyone has to get out but who is getting back in?

Q May 22, 20162:24 pm

oh…sarah = lori fyi

Q May 22, 20162:23 pm

since the sexy black dude isn’t in the promo and he ended up on sons, I think he gonna die…

Q May 22, 20162:21 pm

Yes, this is how I will refer to the characters here, Get over it.

Q May 22, 20162:21 pm

Ok, so in the amount of time it took me to post this link; satan from constantine took on the demented guy from heroes the carnival season over his place in the van.

Q May 22, 20162:17 pm

Aww old dude trying to see his daughter with cancer died…not shocked, just sad…

Q May 22, 20162:15 pm

Oh, hot lawyer guy is dead…he isnt in the promo pics so I expected as much.

Q May 22, 20162:14 pm

I am not body shaming, just stating how certain people are portrayed.

Q May 22, 20162:10 pm

why the fat guy always give up the papers?

Q May 22, 20162:09 pm

Lori (as she will forever be in my mind) is still annoying.

Q May 22, 20162:07 pm

I must also mention I am cleaning as I do this. So my thoughts are scattered and should make for great reading fodder.

Q May 22, 20162:05 pm

Let me start off by saying I forgot about this feature and I am starting this off during the final episode of the modern version of the underground railroad. For those who do not know, Wentworth Miller is indeed black.

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