Scandal- That Damn Hal

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I haven’t exactly been on my posting tip as much as I should be. I have been so absorbed by Scandal I completely forgot to post about it during the two seasons (well season and 3/4…the first season was an abbreviated one). I have however convinced a number of people to give the show a chance.
Every week I walk away with something coming true I predicted. This week was no different.
Back when the president was shot on the show, one of the presidents top agents was also shot. I noticed it was the agent the most loyal to the president. I knew this would come back to bite the president in the presidential behind.
Fast forward several (and I mean several…thanks to two breaks) weeks, the agent who has his allegiance to the first lady has tipped her off to Fitz and his time spent with Olivia. Now all hell is going to break loose.
Now, I’m not excusing the cheating or lying..actually I’m still processing that.
What did you think about tonight’s episode?

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