Story One- “God Don’t Like Ugly” Pt 2

Part One is located here.
“Hello?” the voice on the other line said.
“Hello, I am trying to track down a family member for some friends”, Mary said to the unidentified female on the other end. Mary asked”Do you know someone by the name of Steve?”
“Yes” said the unidentified female on the other end of the phone connection “he is my boyfriend”.
Mary thought to herself “this is all the confirmation I needed to get out of this mess”.
Mary replied “Ok, his family is looking for him. When he called home and spoke to his cousin, he notified her of a car accident he was involved in. Steve stated he was in the hospital and did not know where the hospital was located. His family is very concerned, do you have any idea what happened?”
The female on the other end said “he was on his way up here to see me with my brother and a car reversed into them….who did you say you were again?”
Mary replied “A friend of the family.” Quickly, Mary followed that answer with another question “Have you seen him in the hospital?”
“Yes, he feels a little woozy because of the drugs they gave him. What is your name?”
“Mary” she replied, and after a moment of hesitation she added “the mother of his child”.
“WHAT?!?!” The voice on the other line screamed. “What do you mean the mother of his child?!?!?!?!”
Before Mary could answer the line went dead.


Now, the other side of the state where Steve and his second girlfriend was located a huge argument was going on in her dorm room.
Steve was sitting right next to Tina (his second girlfriend) and he was the one pressuring her to find out who she was talking to. The amount of regret was immeasurable at this point.
“What the fuck did she mean by ‘the mother of your child’?” Tina screamed.
“She is lying, I am not the father of that baby! She doesn’t even know WHO the father is! I met her at some party when you and me broke up and I was drinking. She came on to me and we had sex in a back room and now she is saying I am the father. She had sex with a lot of guys. The baby may be my brothers! That baby don’t even look like me!”
Tina thought about it and said, “Why does she know your family? Your mom knew about this when she drove us around a few months ago?”
“No” Steve replied, “that crazy bitch just showed up at my door and my mom took her in!”
“How did she even know where you lived?!?!” Tina screamed.
“I don’t know! You gotta believe me, she just wants to break us up!” Steve screamed while crying.
Steve stayed away from his family, Mary and his child for three weeks trying to come up with a way out of this mess. Mary was done. Tina, who spent the three weeks Steve abandoned his job and his son with him making sure he did not make any phone calls, started to trust him again.
The night Steve attempted to sneak back into his mothers house, Mary was up waiting for him.
The particulars of the conversation are not important…the outcome was Mary and the baby moving out.
Rewind back to the details of the accident.
Steve and Tina’s brother car was hit by a car reversing up the turnpike at a high rate of speed. Tina’s brother’s side of the car was fine…Steve was not so lucky. Steve had to be pried out and he hit his head hard.
God often sends you a message when you are doing something wrong…he does not like ugly.

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