Stand up for what you believe! McCain/Palin supporters..

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Ok, we know that there are people out there that believe Obama is not the right person for position of President of the United States. I can respect that. We are all entitled to our opinions…that’s the beauty of this country. However, if you feel as though you should not say how you feel, then you MUST realize that your view is one that is not correct.
If you have a view, never be afraid to voice it….and if you are then you know it makes you look like an idiot/racist/ignorant.

Here are videos of some McCain/Palin supporters telling us why Obama is not their choice. At one point the interviewer asks a black man why he is not voting for Obama…I will admit that I was offended that the guy asked the black McCain supporter that. Race should not be the soul factor for voting for your candidate.
Please view the videos of the gatherings and tell me what you think.

oh, for a first hand account go here