Stop Being So Friendly!!

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Today I overheard a phone call and although I was only able to hear one side of the conversation, I knew the call wasn’t as innocent as the person who initiated the call wanted it to appear.

The person requested someone who worked for the company; however they were a remote location employee.

Usually when a person finds out they have the wrong number they apologize and hang up. This person on the other end kept asking questions. In my previous lines of work I had to either be the gatekeeper at the place of employment or had to investigate people. Clearly this call was not innocent.

If you are at work or home and receive a call asking for someone who does not work at that location or live where you live THAT IS ALL YOU SHOULD SAY.

The lady on the other end of the line gave some BS reason as to why she was trying to contact the person in question; however when I googled the number she left to pass along, it was for student loan debt. The person never stated if they were recording the call or the true nature of the call when asked. 

These are all illegal attempts to contact people if you receive a call like that.

Please be careful out there.

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