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Watch “Why Posting Black Woman Beauty Pics is Disrespectful” on YouTube


This is deep; while I can appreciate a man acknowledging beauty…if that is the extent of your contribution towards black women, take the time to instead appreciate and build up YOUR black woman. If your actions pull down the self esteem of a black woman, you cannot make up for it by posting pictures of random black women and proclaim yourself someone who builds them up.

New Page- Side Jawns


Since people love my work related stories so much, I figured that I should go ahead and post about messed up relationship stories I have encountered in the past.
ALL of these stories are true and the names have been changed…the stories are also more than 6 years old, so those of you I know personally don’t need to wonder if I am posting about you…because I am not.

To read them click here..

Dating and the Single Mother

Lets be honest, single mothers simply are looked at as second class citizens in the realm of dating. Assumptions are often made about the single mother’s lifestyle, ambition, and intentions.

While this may be a tad discouraging, the major hurdle you have to deal with in dating is men not wanting to deal with the guilt of not only leaving you, but leaving your child should things not work out.

That final issue may be a blessing in disguise.

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