Why I Went Natural

The age old argument of “real hair” versus “fake hair” is one taken extremely personally in the Black/ African American community. While this topic is often up for a long drawn out debate (in many times this debate ends with a bunch of name calling and gender bashing), I am going to take the time out to point out why going natural was the right choice for me and why I only see weaves as a costume accessory.



As a child my grandma (mom-mom) took great pride in doing my hair…Sulfur 8 and Cream of Nature were staples in our house. She would spend hours braiding my hair down and adding beads or other hair jewelry and would put up with my demands to only wear dresses until I was 5. I was taught at a very young age to be proud of the condition my hair was in naturally.

As I got older I really wanted to be like all the other girls and start straightening my hair. First we tried the hot comb on the stove, then my mother took me to a hair dresser who was not use to doing my type of hair. The trip to the hair dresser resulted in my hair being damaged. Going into middle school I was told I had no choice but to get a perm (a relaxer is the technical term).

I must say the dried out hair, the breakage, and the scalp scars were not worth the hassle.

I say that to point out people really need to be aware of what they are doing to their bodies. Dr Oz did a report you cannot miss on hair relaxers..
The Dangers of Hair Straighteners, Pt. 2

In high school I had a lot more control over my hair decisions and made the decision to go (and STAY) natural. It took a lot of hair therapy (and numerous trips to the braiding salon in the winter time) to get my hair back on track. Yes I added hair to my hair to protect it and to give me styling options, but that was the only time I made hair not my own part of my every day routine…not for the offensive topic of weaves.

I own pony tails and clip in weaves that I only wear when I am doing something related to being in the public view (professional shoots, hosting parties, and being the video talent) OR if I want to dye my hair (dye does not take to my hair and I refuse to bleach it first). I believe that the extra hair is part of the outfit/costume and does not define who I am. It has been awhile since I have done anything talent related so my disguises are collecting dust, which is fine by me. I have been debating on adding streaks to my hair so I may do a clip in row or two the SAME LENGTH as my hair. I am not going to down women who decide to wear a weave or a wig regularly…we are in America and we are free to do as we please. However, I see the use of weaves and wigs the same as wearing a mask.

Besides, I love the ability to going swimming whenever I want or to go for a walk in the rain when I want.

At some point, I will post my product secrets, until then think about the option of walking this earth the way God made you :)

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