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bad-relationship This is the start of something called “Side Jawn Sundays”. Every Sunday I will post a story about a relationship that went off the tracks in one way or another, and ended up having outside parties involved in an explosive situation. We have all seen the TV show called “Cheaters” and the extreme stories they tell…well this is what happens when camera crews are not involved.





Story One- God don’t like ugly




Steve was involved with a young lady about a year younger than him. This young lady was named Mary. Mary was very book smart, and Steve took advantage of her lack of street smarts. Steve started dating several women behind her back, which was a very easy thing to do since Mary attended college and worked. One day Mary asked Steve to go to the doctor with her so that she could take a pregnancy test. The test results came back positive and Steve swore he would do right by her.

Months went by and Steve continued his Casanova life style while Mary worked and continued attending classes until her body would not allow her to be as active as she needed to be in order to juggle work and school. With more time off she started to notice the inconsistencies in Steve’s statements when they discussed his where a bouts on numerous occasions. When Mary would bring her concerns to Steve’s attention, he would dismiss her inquiries as insecurity. Mary wanted things to be right for her child, so she tried to push the doubt out of her mind and helped Steve get on a better career path by making his resume, and guiding him in the art of the interview process.
When their child was brought into this world, Steve kept that news under wraps. While walking to the mall with a friend of his, he stated “I should really stay quiet about my child, I don’t want everyone to know” to his friend.
When Mary and the new born baby arrived home, Steve was increasingly absent. Steve would tell Mary stories of job interviews far away in order to cover up his 2 – 3 days disappearing acts.
One day Mary asked Steve to give her a break from the baby so she could go to a family gathering that the baby was too young to attend. Steve agreed and went to hang out with his friend the night before the event. The following morning Steve was no place to be found. Around 2 pm Steve’s cousin (who was living at Steve’s family’s house) notified Mary of a phone call from Steve stating he was in a car accident and he had no idea what hospital he was in.
Mary knew there was more to the story, and Steve’s sister pulled her to the side and told her to go into a cabinet in the kitchen and look for a folder with Steve’s name on it.
What Mary found would blow any new mother’s mind.
Mary found letters from Steve to numerous women and responses from those women…detailing every sexual tryst those women and Steve had…and the letters were all dated.
Steve’s infidelities were all chronicled, and in her hand. Also in that folder was an address and long distance phone number without a name. Mary decided to call that number and a female answered….
more next week 🙂

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